One of the most valuable roofing technologies of the past decade has been heat reflective roof coatings.

“Cool Roof” coatings are becoming extremely popular
because they provide some great benefits.

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Besides a fresh modern roof color and a protective coating, the immediate benefits of a heat reflective roof coating will be noticeable on every hot day. Homeowners that have had their home’s roof coated with a heat reflective technology report a cooler home and a lot less use of air conditioning systems; a reported savings of 20% to 60% on cooling related costs.

In the long term a heat reflective roof coating lessens stress on your entire roofing system and the structure of your home. Warping, cracking, pealing, and underlayment failure are all common structural problems caused by the expansion and contraction of building materials in severe fluctuations of cold and hot temperatures. A heat reflective roof coating minimizes temperature fluctuations within your structure by reflecting solar heat at its first point of entry; dramatically decreasing the amount of radiant heat absorbed into your home.

Our three steps for the perfect Cool Roof coating

1.) Cleaning the Roof

The first step of the cool roof coating process is arguably the most important. A proper roof cleaning is the key for maximum adhesion of the primer to the original roofing material.

2.) Applying the proper primer

A specific roof coating primer / sealer that is formulated to work best with your type of roof is applied appropriately. The primer ensures that the Cool Roof Coating will adhere like no other coating on the market.

3.) The Cool Roof coating

Two coats of the color you have chosen are applied to your roof. Our experienced applicators apply the proper manufacturer specified thickness to ensuring proper curing; giving your roof the long lasting protection and color you’re expecting.


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